Programs & Services


Rehabilitation plays a critical part of recovery for many stroke survivors. Although it cannot completely reverse the effects of a stroke, rehabilitation does help survivors build strength, capability, and confidence. Depending upon the severity of stroke, rehabilitation may address any or all of the following independent living skills:

  • self-care skills such as feeding, grooming, bathing and dressing
  • mobility skills such as transferring, walking or self-propelling a wheelchair
  • communication skills in speech and language
  • cognitive skills such as memory or problem-solving
  • social skills for interacting with other people

Services offered during rehabilitation may include:

  • rehabilitation nursing
  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech-language pathology
  • audiology
  • recreational therapy
  • nutritional care
  • rehabilitation counseling
  • social work
  • psychiatry/psychology
  • chaplaincy
  • patient/family education
  • support groups
  • vocational evaluation