Parkinsons Outreach Center

Florida Hospital’s Parkinson’s Outreach Center is the only outreach center in Central Florida dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s disease and their loved ones. The center offers a variety of services including support group meetings, an online support group, exercise and dance classes, music therapy sessions, educational materials and clinical referrals.

The Parkinson’s Outreach Center has three convenient support group meeting locations to best serve the Central Florida community including Florida Hospital Orlando, Florida Hospital Altamonte, and Winter Garden at Golden Pond Communities.

Please call 407-303-5295 or e-mail for more information. We also have a unique online support group which members can use to interact with each other. To become better connected, please visit our Facebook Support Page. Let the Parkinson’s Outreach Center help you stop suffering and start living.

Educational Resources:

Preparing for your Medical Appointment
Making the most of your Medical Appointment Checklist
Filing for Social Security Disability
Low blood pressure in Parkinson's Disease
Traveling with Parkinson's Disease
Fatigue and Parkinson's Disease

"Freezing" and Parkinson's
Understanding Deep Brain Stimulation
Understanding Medications
Parkinson's Disease Q&A

Nutritional Tips for Parkinson's Disease
Sharing the Diagnosis with others

To learn more about our Parkinson's Outreach Center and services provided, see our newsletter, brochure or contact us.


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