Neuroradiology is the medical subspecialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of brain, spine, head and neck, and vascular lesions using x-rays, magnetic fields, radio waves, and ultrasound. These forms of energy are harnessed with machines such as the CT (CAT) scanner, magnetic resonance (MR) scanner and ultrasound machines.

Our neuroradiology team provides comprehensives services for diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology procedures. MRI techniques currently being performed include both structural and functional imaging, including diffusion and perfusion imaging and spectroscopy. CT angiography with arterial post-processing is routinely used for the non-invasive diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease and is combined with CT perfusion, especially in patients with acute stroke. Neuroradiologists play an integral part of our patient care as they provide our specialists with the imaging needed to help the patient receive the highest level of care.

Our neurological physicians are dedicated to the treatment of patients suffering from neurological diseases related to the head, brain, spine, neck, face and orbits. Our faculty makes it a priority to provide care and treatment for brain aneurysms, vascular malformations, stroke and other vascular pathology. Pain management procedures related to the brain and spine are also performed here.

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