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Seizures are when the brain misfires and its normal electric signals can be interrupted. These are potentially caused by epilepsy. The disorder disrupts brain function, resulting in multiple seizures or behavior changes. With proper diagnosis and treatment, most people can live a healthy life free of seizures.

Epilepsy can be complicated to diagnose because there are different types of epilepsy and different kinds of seizures. They may change in nature, depending on age of the person. Identifying the root cause of seizures is critical to effective treatment.

The Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute (FHNSI) offers the most advanced technology available for monitoring and diagnosing epilepsy and related conditions.  FHNSI is nationally recognized as one of the leading epilepsy-treatment centers in the United States. We are dedicated to serving the needs of both adult and pediatric patients suffering from a variety of epileptic conditions.

What Makes the Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute a National Leader?

  • Sophisticated diagnostic and monitoring tools, including magnetoencephalography (MEG)—brain mapping—and advanced 3T MRI.
  • Comprehensive treatment that brings together a team of experts from 30 epilepsy subspecialties dedicated to treating you.
  • Latest in non-surgical and surgical interventions with minimally invasive procedures, proven therapies and new drug trails.
  • Awarded the designation of a Level 4 Epilepsy Center by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC), which is the highest acknowledgement in the nation. Florida Hospital has the only Level 4 Epilepsy Center in Central Florida for both adult and pediatric epilepsy.
  • Only tuberous sclerosis clinic in Central Florida.
  • Florida Hospital is the first and only facility in Central Florida to use the ROSA robot. The ROSA robot is comparable to a GPS system for the brain. Its robotic arm, which has six degrees of freedom, allows it to replicate the movements of a human arm. At Florida Hospital, The ROSA is being used on epilepsy patients with uncontrolled seizures. It's much less uncomfortable for patients, with less swelling and smaller incisions. 

NAEC Level 4 Epilepsy Center