Cavernous Malformation

Cavernous malformations (cavernous) are abnormally formed blood vessels that have the appearance of a small mulberry in the brain or spinal cord. The leakage of blood from these malformations may cause significant blood loss (hemorrhage). Cavernous malformations may enlarge slowly as a result of repeated small hemorrhages. Seizures may also occur when the malformation is in the surface layer of the brain (cerebral cortex).

Doctors may find cavernous malformations during an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) done for unrelated reasons. You may have had an MRI to assess seizures, paralysis, numbness, vision changes or other neurological problems or as part of an evaluation for other diseases. Mayo Clinic doctors use a specialized MRI scan to detect small cavernous malformations.

Depending on patient‘s specific diagnosis, possible treatment options could include Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery, brain port surgery, neuroendovascular surgery, or traditional brain surgery approaches.

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